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Academic Success Coaching

Just as a sports coach encourages you to achieve your goals, our coaches help you identify and overcome academic challenges. Academic Success Coaching focuses on building the basic skills described below and is not academic advising, personal counseling, a disciplinary meeting, or individual tutoring. Through a series of one-on-one appointments, you will work with your coach to get from where you are now academically to where you want to be, and create a secure foundation for success in college.


Due to COVID-19, Academic Success Coaching will be offered entirely virtually for summer quarter 2021.

Develop skills


Effective study strategies


Time management


Setting and working towards goals


Finding campus resources



Get started

Begin by scheduling an appointment with one of our coaches. Each appointment will be thirty minutes in length and conducted via Zoom or phone. Details will be sent to your email after you schedule an appointment in a confirmation email. Please confirm your current time zone by choosing your respective time zone under the calendar when scheduling an appointment. If the available times do not work for your schedule, please contact to find a time that works best for you.

We will be open for summer coaching appointments until Friday, September 17th and will re-open for Fall Quarter on September 29th. 

Coaching Session: Academic Success Coaching sessions are available for all students at the University of Washington. 

Reinstatement Coaching: In partnership with the Reinstatement Committee for Pre-majors, College of Arts & Sciences majors, EOP, SSS, and CAMP affiliates, Reinstatement Coaching is available for students who have been reinstated and support the transition back to the University of Washington. 

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Study Skills Workshops

If you would like to learn more about the success strategies we offer in coaching sessions, attend one of our workshops! ASP hosts multiple workshops each quarter on various topics from study strategies to self-care. Keep an eye on our workshop page for newly added workshops and updates!

Study Skills Workshops

Meet the coaches

Maddie, She/Her

Major: Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health
Hours (Summer): Wednesday: 9:30 am- 11 am, Thursday: 11 am- 12:30 pm, Friday: 10 am- 1 pm (PDT)
Location: Phone or Zoom Appointments
Meet your coach: View video
I just graduated from the UW with two minors in Environmental Health and Political Science, along with a B.A. in my major listed above! I truly enjoy learning new things, being outdoors, making yummy meals, and being around friends and family.
Career goals I plan to take a year off and get some experience in the field. I am interested in and then eventually go to law school and learn more about food system laws and policies in the U.S.
Hobbies I love to crochet! It is really nice when trying to take a break from various stressors that life throws at us on a daily basis, and I get to create really awesome stuff! My favorite things to make are tops and stuffed animals!
Notable academic challengeI was interested in taking the Business major route when I got to UW, but I realized in my first year it was not for me. Once I found out about the Food Systems major, I was thrilled and automatically started pursuing that route instead. It was such a great decision for me to have made and I am thankful I found my true passion!

Linh, She/Her

Major: Philosophy and Psychology
Hours (Summer): Monday: 12:30 pm- 2 pm, Tuesday: 1 pm- 2:30 pm, Wednesday: 1 pm- 3 pm (PST)
Location: Phone or Zoom Appointments
Meet your coach: View video
I am an international student from Vietnam working towards my BA in Philosophy and Psychology. I have a passion for learning, helping other people and getting more involved in the community. As I was once a shy and confused freshman at UW, I understand how difficult it could be to navigate through college. However, I believe I have gained lots of experience as well as learning strategies throughout my time at UW and I am really excited to share and support your journey!
Career goals Becoming a Lawyer and working for non-profit organizations
Hobbies Dancing, cooking, hiking, binge watching shows and trying out new restaurants with my friends and family
Notable academic challengeDespite the fact that I have always wanted to do law, I never learned about it until I took LAW 100 in my first quarter at UW. I thought I was doing really well since I found the class to be super interesting. However, I only got 60% on my first Midterm and it was below the class average. I was devastated because of the fact that practicing law may not be for me. I decided to come to office hours with the mindset that I might be able to argue for my responses. The result was not as I expected, but I learned to accept my grade and learned how to do better on my final exam; perhaps not the materials, but the skill for answering multiple choice questions. During my final exam, I utilized the full three hours, used that newly learned skill and I earned 95% with only one question wrong. It was the happiest day of my entire freshman year and I was really proud of myself. This experience taught me to trust myself and never again let one bad grade determine my ability.

Gracie, Interim Reinstatement Coach, She/Her

Major: Integrated Social Sciences
Hours (Summer): Monday: 9:30 am- 11:30 am, Tuesday: 9:30 am- 11:30 am, Thursday: 9:30 am- 11:30 am (PDT)
Location: Phone or Zoom Appointments
Meet your coach: View video
As a transfer, first generation college student I believe that students need to support each other and learn from one another. As a success coach my advice comes from my own personal struggles and failures within academics.
Career goals I am in the process of applying to law school where I hope to study constitutional and civil rights law. For there I hope to work for a nonprofit law firm to focus on ensuring equality and human rights for all.
Hobbies When I am not studying (which is all the time) I like to bake, play games with my family, go on bookstore dates with my partner (pre-covid), watch Parks and Rec, and do arts and crafts!
Notable academic challengeMy most notable academic challenge was during my first quarter of college when I failed 2 classes. These failures were not due to a lack of academic understanding but rather a result of lack of prioritizing myself and my health. Once I focused on my self care and trying out different academic paths I learned what worked for me and was able to get back on track!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect a coaching session to look like?

Every coaching session is personalized for you and depends on what you want to talk with an Academic Success Coach about. Coaches typically try to get to know you and what your current strategies for balancing your academics are. Coaches will ask you a few questions about your habits and work with you to find potential areas of change or growth. Our hope is that this is an interactive process where coaches work with you to reach your academic goals. It is okay if you don’t know where to start. We are here to help! Coaches will share strategies and various resources based on the conversation. In addition, they will help connect you with any campus resources that would be most helpful for you.

What should I bring to a coaching session?

Yourself and any questions you have! You do not need to have all of your questions prepared ahead of time as coaches are available to talk about anything that is most important to you. If you would like to connect with another peer at UW, our coaches are available to chat with you. If you do have specific questions, please feel free to bring those to your session and let the coach know what you would like to talk about.

How can I meet with an Academic Success Coach?

During fall quarter, Academic Success Coaches are available for both virtual and in-person appointments. In-person appointments will take place in Mary Gates Hall. Virtual appointments will be through Zoom. Coaching appointments can be scheduled by using our scheduling link. You can schedule an appointment with any of our coaches. Above, you can read more about each coach or watch a video introduction to learn about their major, career goals, and interests. All of our coaches would love to meet with you, but if you see something that resonates with you, feel free to make an appointment with a specific coach. If you have any questions, please email

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Staying Motivated in Online Courses

Having a morning routine. I set my alarm for the same time each day and then get out of bed and make myself a cup of tea while listening to NPR. It's a great way to get into the "I'm going to class" headspace even if you're not physically heading to campus.

—Eli, Reinstatement Coach, They/Them

Other UW Coaches

Our program is aimed at overcoming academic challenges and fostering academic success. There is a complementary UW program offered by our partners in LiveWell called Peer Wellness Coaching. It is dedicated to health and wellness topics, skills, and development.